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Intersection of 31st Street and Ditmars Blvd
Intersection of 31st Street and Ditmars Blvd

The last stop on the N and Q trains brings you to a kind of town center. There is a general grocery store, CVS, pharmacy, delis, smoke shops, nail salons and second hand stores for clothing and furniture, among many other businesses. The community here has a diverse composition of mostly young adults, students, international students and old time families that have lived here for many years. It is friendly and bustling by day, by night you will find occasional bar hoppers, the standard Astoria taco truck and the low murmur of friends or couples walking by. The main commercial areas compose of Ditmars Blvd, 23rd Ave and 31st Street. This station is very convenient, all you may need can be found in this little alcove of a community. From groceries, hardware stores, banks and exotic foreign foods, one can just spend their free time without having to leave Astoria Ditmars to get what they need.

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