I hopped off the NQ train and down the steps to the street. 30th Avenue is filled with car and foot traffic.

30th Avenue

30th Avenue Station

Eastward toward Steinway Ave, there are also many 24hr delis, a few bars, banks, mini marts, and 99 cents stores to cater to everyday needs. Chase bank makes another appearance, though there is a Bank of America on the Steinway intersection. This area seems like a good spot to meet a friend, study, and have coffee. There is also a fresh fruit and vegetables place close to the train. The restaurants on this avenue also have outdoor seating and this is obviously the more populous side of the train tracks. Specialty stores like fish markets and butcher shops line the street with multitudes of newly renovated American themed and several Comfort food places. There is also several frozen yogurt places, an optometry store and several Asian food options. Grand Cafe is a popular stop and there is a New York Sports Club with a 24 Hour Duane Reade here also at the Steinway intersection. Past Steinway are several other restaurants and pubs but past 45th Street gets more residential again.

Westward, I walk a block away and discover Athens square, a small park that passes for a Greek facsimile and an agora to hang out. There is an elementary school in front of me, several small grocery stores, and healthy options for food. The Mt. Sinai Hospital is further down, but much of the retail action ends as Crescent Street approaches. There are residential homes toward the surrounding blocks towards 21st Street.

Leaving the Athens themed park I decided to grab some Mexican food. Stepping inside I am greeted with the delicious smells of seasoned rice, cilantro (a favorite), and simmering stews. Spanish talk radio and soccer on a large Flat screen in the back reaches my ears. I order a plate of Rice and beans and enjoy the silence this place offers.

31st Street

31st Street off the subway has a couple of convenient shops like a cobbler, bakery, and laundromat. Otherwise, a Don Coqui club, but not much to see or around.


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