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If you ask a New Yorker where in the city they can find affordable roommate housing NYC you may get a wide range of responses. But if you narrow your question down to specifically NYC rooms for students (whether it’s NYC graduate housing, NYC intern housing, NYC international student housing or NYC ESL housing) the answer you are most likely going to get is to look at renting in Astoria with roommates. Learn a new word: Co-living, it means living with roommates in furnished shared spaces.

Why look for Astoria housing out of all the Queens roommate options? Astoria is closer to most parts of Manhattan than much of Manhattan! If your job or school is in midtown, there are very few options where you can get there quicker. Even fewer if you are looking for affordable housing. Much of Queens is built for cars and is far from public transportation, which gives the entire borough a bad rap; however Astoria is right across the river from Manhattan and almost entirely within a ten-minute walk of the subway, making it one of the most easily-accessible by train neighborhoods in the city. And a quick jaunt on the bridge is ideal for bike commuters as well.

Astoria has a rich tradition of being welcoming to many international residents and interests. Queens roommates are some of the most international friendly NYC rooms you can find, especially Astoria NY roommates. While it has been associated with the Greek diaspora for much of its time, it also has rich and vibrant Italian, Arab, Albanian, Brazilian, Bangladeshi, Korean and Ecuadorian communities. And just about anything else! These qualities make it perfect for someone searching for international student housing. And there are English language schools throughout the area, perfect to augment your NYC ESL housing needs.

There is also a great nightlife scene in Astoria NY roommates can go to a huge selection of bars, clubs and restaurants. Astoria housing can thus be a fantastic environment for intern roommates to get to know each other and get to know the city. And much of the housing stock is in smaller apartment buildings built for families rather than high rises, which means the rooms will tend to be larger and more livable than the cramped quarters found in other areas. As it's a given that if you are an NYC intern you are looking for NYC roommate housing; there is no better bang for your buck in seeking intern roommates than finding Astoria roommates.

For the more mature crowd with more mature interests, such as graduate student housing NY seekers, Astoria has plenty of culture to offer. Exquisite restaurants from a wide variety of cuisines offer an ideal place to enjoy a quiet bottle of wine if you’ve graduated from the bar scene. There are performance venues for music, comedy and more. There are parks and plenty of lovely outdoor spaces to choose from, including the famous Socrates sculpture park and Astoria Park.

In Astoria, you have Manhattan at your fingertips but a real community in your grasp. Co-living is not for everyone but if you don't mind saving on bills, you should try it. The most popular subway stops for Astoria in our rankings according to our research. We will be presenting information on each in a series of blog entries.

  1. Astoria Ditmars Blvd. Stop. N, Q
  2. Astoria Blvd. Stop N, Q
  3. 30th Avenue stop N, Q


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