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Literati Group prides itself in dormitory style accommodations for recent grads, interns and working professionals.
Literati Group prides itself in dormitory style accommodations for recent grads, interns and working professionals.


Also known as shared spaces, co-living is an ideal furnished housing option for millennials in New York City. What, exactly, is co-living? Co-living involves shared/communal living with added features, such as work spaces, recreational lounges and extracurricular activities.

With co-living, such as Literati.NYC or WeLive, millennials can save money on housing, and live smartly with others. Compared to other co-living options in New York, Literati offers competitive prices so you can save substantially on housing costs.

Group housing spaces offer a community for residents that traditional rental spaces don’t—with co-living, you’ll find yourself surrounded by interesting, like-minded individuals and numerous opportunities to socialize. Meet new people in work spaces. Cook with neighbors in shared kitchens. Network with young professionals and entrepreneurs at the gym. Whether you’re new to the city or a native New Yorker, co-living offers you a community that ordinary rental spaces don’t. With co-living, you can meet new people, network and forge lasting relationships.

Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments, or corporate housing, are also a great living option for those in NYC.

With corporate housing, you can live in your own fully furnished apartment for upwards of a month to a year. Living in hotels for a longer period of time might not be ideal. Over time, housing costs quickly add up; there isn’t much stability, as people constantly come and go.

Temporary housing such as ABA Ideal can help you save on housing costs while living in a stable, comfortable furnished space. And because temporary housing is standardized, there are no surprises—amenities, facilities, and furniture are the same across properties. Some also include kitchens, which allow travelers to cook for themselves on short-term stays, or business trips.

NYC temporary apartments are particularly ideal for those on business trips to New York and seek an extended housing stay.

Short Term Travel Stays/Vacation Rentals

From NyHabitat to Roomorama and Airbnb, short term travel stay options abound in New York City.

NyHabitat can help you locate housing units in New York City, such as apartments, lofts or vacation rentals. As a student, you can use NyHabitat as a resource to fit your housing needs. NyHabitat also offers housing in Paris, South of France and London.

Roomorama is a platform for short-term housing and vacation rentals. If you’re traveling to New York (or other cities, such as Washington, Toronto or LA), you can book short-term housing accommodations with Roomorama, from city lofts to beachfront villas.

Airbnb is also a popular housing choice for travelers to NYC. In NYC, however, housing stay in fully furnished apartments must exceed thirty days. That being said, while Airbnb is an option for travelers, it may not be the best for those seeking stable housing in New York. Nevertheless, you can check out the range of living choices, from living rooms to apartments, at the Airbnb website.

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