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The Inseparable Relationship Between Venture Capitalists and Young Startups

In today’s business landscape, especially that of young startups, the role of venture capitalist firms are vital to the future growth and innovation of startups. Entrepreneurs all over generate great business ideas, but without proper funding specifically by VC’s, the ideas cannot materialize. There are currently a total of 700+ private equity companies in the U.S., and with the exception of California, many are in New York State. Industry sectors vary, from technology to banking/finance to manufacturing.

Modern venture capitalism has existed since the 1940s and has taken on different shapes and roles since. With its initial emphasis on technology, today, VC’s and young startups of all industry sectors go hand in hand when it comes to business innovation.

Quake Capital is one example of a young VC startup based in New York City that has positioned itself as being industry-agnostic, but with specialized knowledge in the manufacturing sector. Rather than focusing on a particular industry, Quake chooses companies that have a broad reach, national or international. Not only does the VC provide funding opportunities for U.S.-based companies but also for foreign ones as well.

As far as the benefits that Quake Capital offers its companies, $250K maximum funding for a 6% common stock exchange is offered, accelerator programs accompanied by mentorship, coworking spaces, and connection to its vast investors network. Quake emphasizes its role not as a controlling partner but as a co-founder, and gives much independence to its funded companies. The management culture strives to be open and provides an environment where ideas and plans can be formed collaboratively and freely.

When investing in companies with growth potential, VC’s have the opportunity to generate significant returns, anywhere from 50-500% on average. Quake Capital is no exception in recognizing these opportunities, able to assess risk and make the right leaps of faith as most discerning VC’s do.

Venture capitalist firms nowadays are often dealing with the special millennial generation whose lifestyle tastes and priorities are vastly different from previous generations. Founders of the companies that Quake Capital offers its services to are young, ambitious, and most importantly, globally mobile. The members at Quake are able to relate to these millennials with a broad reach and are able to offer relevant advice and insight, sharing common concerns and life goals.


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