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10 Types of Roommates From Hell Based on the 7 Deadly Sins

1. Laziness. Messy is one thing, plain old dirty is another. That repulsive roommate who infiltrates the entire apartment including all common areas with their lack of hygiene, mistaking common areas as a public wasteland. Candy wrappers in bathroom floors, toothpaste on bathroom walls, dirty underwear that somehow led its way on random doorknobs.

2. Lust. Can I just say, "Get a room?" That annoying roommate with too high of a libido, in her frantic desperation for love, incessantly having slumber parties for their list of partners from tinder, bumble, etc. I'm sorry, but your makeout session noises are not attractive at all - they're quite disgusting and embarassing for you. Some noises are not meant to be heard from the other side of the wall you share.

3. Gluttony. The roommate who doesn't seem to stop indulging in everything in the fridge, both theirs and everyone in the household. They don't seem to understand any boundaries on whose groceries belongs to whom. And oddly, they don't seem to care about the consequences of this excessive behavior - their neverending expanding waistline.

4. Greed. The one who has to have it all. Theirs and everyone's. Similar to the one committing gluttony, but this one takes it to all levels. Food, clothes, job, lover, friends, you name it. This person will want the best of everything and is never satisfied.

5. Wrath. They don't have Anger Management 101 for nothing. Everyone's got negative emotions under their belt, but when you live with someone who is popping pills on a daily basis with a dark personal history, the ugly angry beast will unlease its fury out on its living companions on occasion. For this one, sometimes it's better to instead of fighting with someone on this emotional hangup, to kindly defer them to the nearest available therapist or, if need be, report them to 1-800-DEPORT!

6. Envy. This green colored sin can take on many forms. Because we are in New York City of all places, let's make note on the most envy-worthy areas. Anyone hear of the phrase from Silence of the Lambs, "Thou shalt not covet?" What did he mean by that, or more importantly, what did our Almighty Creator mean by this great commandment laid out in the Old Testament? We are talking about when that green-faced roomate wants what you have - your hard-earned job, your attractive love interest, your fantastic wardrobe, pretty much wants your amazing life. This person is, in essence, empty and unhappy deep down inside and can only get remotely close to finding peace and happiness when they try to go after what you have. It is quite sad and pathetic. Here's what I would say to this covetous housing companion - "If you copy me, you're already three steps behind."

7. Pride. This person can never admit to any wrongdoing. When you point out (quite obviously) the rotten, expired milk spillage on the kitchen floor, coming from his allotted side of the refrigerator section, he suddenly becomes quite blind to the rightful owner, refusing to clean up the mess. Of course, after giving an 8 hour grace period to resolve this matter, you find that "someone" has wiped up the mess, biting their lip. Fess up please!


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    10 Types of Roommates From Hell Based on the 7 Deadly Sins

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