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How Public Transportation Affects Real Estate Development

Real estate developers face numerous factors to coordinate development projects. Location is one of the most significant factors, and when building new units, transportation often plays a big part in rentability and pricing.

New York City is known for its old but efficient and varied public transit options. Here in Astoria, Queens, Literati.NYC takes into account commute times from its units to the nearest available train and bus stations as well as commute times into Manhattan.

The major train lines in Astoria are the N/W lines (incoming from Manhattan, passing through Long Island City and cutting through the western side of Astoria up to Ditmars station) and the R/M lines (eastern section of Astoria that goes through central Queens).

All of Literati Group's 110+ units are located within a 10 minute walking distance to the nearest train stations servicing these lines. Aside from the commute hours and distance to public transit, potential renters look for nearby establishments such as restaurants/bars, laundromats, grocery stores and leisure centers. While historically Astoria has been primarily a residential borough outside Manhattan taking in one influx of immigrants after another (Greeks, Italians, Irish, Eastern Europeans, Arabs), developers today are shifting focus on future developments for an unprecedented young millennial population.

Steinway Street, considered to run along the heart of Astoria, and the major avenues that run perpendicular - 30th Ave, Broadway, and Ditmars Blvd., are now peppered with restaurants, pubs, bars, and shops/workout centers to cater to a young and vibrant population. Bus systems also allow for local transport, in and around Astoria/Queens.

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Update by Ed Siu, founder of Literati.NYC:  Making Coexistence of Real Estate & Technology Happen

Real estate in general has long been known to be one of the most traditional industries. Along with retail, manufacturing and restaurants, real estate is one of those sectors of commerce that value consistency, customer loyalty and tried and true business practices. It makes sense - if whatever worked in the past to bring in a solid customer base and continues to maintain loyalty, why change?

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10 Commandments on How to Be The Ideal Tenant in NYC

Any resident in New York City knows that apartment life is one of those most drama-filled aspects of living in this city. Relations with roommates and the landlord are always tenuous, subject to misunderstandings, disputes and annoyances. NYC is a diverse place, and when individuals come together to share a living space with different habits and lifestyles, conflict is inevitable. Tenant and landlord rights also factor into what is permissible behavior, and both parties often play with the legal parameters to justify their behavior, and misbehavior. A city as chaotic as NYC calls for rules and structure to bring some sensibility and order. The following are 10 commandments on how to be the ideal tenant (and roommate) here in the Big Apple:

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Current co-living and co-working trends are noted mostly in major urban centers, but companies like are putting up territory out in Mother Nature. Founded in 2016 as the first co-living and co-working space in the Swiss Alps, is making milestones and set to expand its locations globally, tailored to the lifestyle ...

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College Co-Op Housing:  An Affordable Alternative to Dorms

Education, one of the largest expenses incurred in a person's life, comes at a high premium. In the U.S., a college student on average pays almost $10,000/yr as a resident for public education, and over $30,000/yr for private. Along with tuition and fees, student on-campus housing adds on hefty ...

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Roam Co-Living Housing Complex in Bali
Roam Co-Living Housing Complex in Bali

As the millennial generation continues to grow and enter the adult world, trends in housing are changing all over the world. With the ever increasing cost of living, millennials are constantly searching for affordable housing options, as they prepare to enter the secular world and leave the nests they were raised in. Co-living, a recent ...

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