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10 Commandments on How to Be The Ideal Tenant in NYC

Any resident in New York City knows that apartment life is one of those most drama-filled aspects of living in this city. Relations with roommates and the landlord are always tenuous, subject to misunderstandings, disputes and annoyances. NYC is a diverse place, and when individuals come together to share a living space with different habits and lifestyles, conflict is inevitable. Tenant and landlord rights also factor into what is permissible behavior, and both parties often play with the legal parameters to justify their behavior, and misbehavior. A city as chaotic as NYC calls for rules and structure to bring some sensibility and order. The following are 10 commandments on how to be the ideal tenant (and roommate) here in the Big Apple:

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10 Types of Roommates From Hell Based on the 7 Deadly Sins

1. Laziness. Messy is one thing, plain old dirty is another. That repulsive roommate who infiltrates the entire apartment including all common areas with their lack of hygiene, mistaking common areas as a public wasteland. Candy wrappers in bathroom floors, toothpaste on bathroom walls, dirty underwear that somehow led its way on random doorknobs.

2 ...

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How easy is it to find an affordable and spacious apartment in New York City? Today, many might find this idea amusing. Why is that? Over the past few decades, the cost of living has skyrocketed, and many have found it tough to find affordable housing in major cities and even outlying neighborhoods. This problematic ...